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Dear Ex- Fiancé

How convenient it is to just see your side and share of pain and totally blame the other person for a relationship to break. We usually are so drowned in dealing with our rejection and failure, it takes ages to actually understand that the breakup doesn’t put either one in a joyous state.
We were best friends, inseparables and what journey we took those 5 years are too big to be warded off or forgotten.
When we couldn’t get along together and parted ways, we held it so gracefully that I am proud of us. I don’t think anyone spoke behind our backs or tried to plot against each other after; because all we had was Care and good thoughts about each other.
I was devastated for the loss was too big and you took it all, my angst, all ill thoughts, abuses without getting back to me because you knew I was weak at that time. We befriended, unfriended, blocked and unblocked.. only to realise that in this life, we cannot do without being in each other’s life. Though we couldn’t live together, we perfected Not living together but being there for each other!
Post three years and an ocean of tears, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, dealing with depression, Venting sessions, I stand here able to love you without the fear of attachments or unfulfilled expectations.
I thank you for the lessons and I am sorry for instances when I couldn’t be at my dignified best.
After all that we have been through, the fact that you wouldn’t date till you have me married happily (to someone else ofcourse) and the fact that I could never give up on you states the fact that our Friendship is titanium strong.
We couldn’t live together.. but what we have is such a treasure chest that some can only imagine whereas we made it all a reality.
Someone one asked me a while back, Don’t you just hate him! How can you love him after all this? To this my only answer was, “Love doesn’t have an Undo button!
For me, Love, just like energy, can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to the other.”
I wish you love, health and bliss.. forever and ever after…