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Did somebody say “Marriage” ?

So, Beta when are you getting married??! Comes another grenade from an aunty Bomb towards you—.. and you make a massive lean back matrix stunt to miss it.. and when you stretch your back after that gravity-defying feat and stand straight.. the whole world around you is in Slow shutter speed Video, like mutants in Prof. X s brain. Cousins- married, door ke cousins- married, college friends- tied and died.. School friends.. just one or two hanging, like the leaf abt to collapse in O Henry’s story-The Last Leaf!! And amidst all that rushing light around, you see yourself.. standing right where you are! No movement, no one next to you, not even a possibility; maybe a push or a jerk (pun intended) but that’s that. Nothing potential you know.
Then you see the dreaded calendar. The month of November to February…and this smiley is what I look like. Shaadi attack!! And though my conscious mind is totally like, okay I Need to get my wardrobe on point, lose 2 kgs and need that Glow bae.. ( I am doing a carrie Bradshaw head toss in the air!) , my subconscious scorns at me like an 50s ki daadi with several moles on the face, ‘Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!’ (Given my great grandmother was Anglo- I am imagining she must be into Shakespeare)
Well well..! The thought is scary. I live in Mumbai.. I live all by myself, no mum to come home to, no sisters to do girly dance with, and long distance relationships with my bffs are all on voice calls and Video calls..! Why God why?! Why can’t they live in Mumbai too! Well not to deviate.. the Question that actually boggles me is- Will I even find someone who is my perfect match and even if imperfect I don’t mind as long as we light a match together(Courtesy Kahani ghar ghar ki visuals hammered by TV).
Oh, the woes of Peer pressure! Thinking of all the cuddling they will have tonight and you go home looking at that pretty but empty bed! Urgh.. Life sucks.
And then you even gloat about how terribly you immersed yourself in your work, (well loving every moment of it) and when you hit the sack, watch adorable sheldon and crashhhhinn!
And then these wedding reminders come, and Ploop! There goes your beautiful strawberry smelling, light pink bubble and you fall… right into the rabbit hole of questions in your head and you hear a familiar ringtone drumming the lull slowly out.. wait, is this Alice in Wonderland or Inception???
Hear a call from a friend who told me a month ago- Flashback-“Bro, marriage ain’t for us, especially for me.. I am way over all this shit man!!” And I am like yeeeah-Solidarity man some solidarity!
Cut to present-“Ishhii.. where are you? I need to see you and give you an important piece of news man! (sounding exactly like he would if he received his report card and he found out he flunked and was still somehow happy that he didn’t score single digit marks)
And my 50s aunty version goes- “You are getting married aren’t you?!”
“Ya man. Come meet her.”
“Now?! Wait she is here?!
Wait tell me this isn’t your ex-girlfriend who you rebounded for like 15 Times!”
“No no!!! No man. Just come down and meet her! “
So my inner 50s aunty cleans her fat glasses to check the girl up and down ready to fire flaws!
(Seriously aunty.. What the?)
And when you meet the girl.. Simple, innocent, no way they match but they blend together to make the yin-yang complete. And then, the world shifts, the epicenter of truth and hope churn in your stomach and heart and give you happiness that is inexplicable and 100% genuine.. The peer pressure goes away to find this bond, so New but so strong!
And the fact that wherever you are in life right now.. (though my partner at this moment is this amazing takeaway coffee cup), you are happy that great things do happen! You do have ‘meet cutes’ and forevers aren’t just limited to fairy tales!
Love is so infectious and so is happiness that it makes you believe and makes you stronger.
So here I am with a swing in my walk.. And wait..! I GOT to book those dresses on Flyrobe!! January is just a month away…!
Mr. Darcy (with the physique of Jason Momoa- ahem) wait till I find you!
Hope is a necessary evil!