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Burning bright, like a burning night..
Never out of sight;
Lend me a caressing touch-Magnolia!
The raindrops that almost touched and fell..
The thick petals deterred not, Magnolia.
My soul’s lost in your fragrant spell!
Your citrus scent fills my breath..

All the beautiful things that you probably could be-
Soft, beautiful, and a lot like me!!
Tenderness is what you symbolize,
Effervescence is what all generalise.
Bubbles have a lot of air, even when they are under
Deeper depths, more than one can probably measure.

Surrender!, It says, to my presence!
Tickle your senses and drown in my essence!
Come hither- I wont charge you a thing..
Neither ties nor bonds, expectations, Not even a fling!
I have much more than your senses can meet..
Even at two ends of a road, unknown souls do greet!
Take more reference than to the external paraphernalia.
Blooms in abundance,in my birth-month-‘April’

—  The mysterious Magnolia!