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Because i wish the innermost recesses of my heart be
The terrain has dried up, parched!
The Sun has been up too long, has shone too much!
The feelings have been quilted for quite sometime now.
Layers after layers for long a time-
The tender bareness have no memory of quite how?
You are the only visitor i lend my heart to-
You cast over so well..i know my secrets get lost in ur
deep,dense visage.
The pitter-patter cover up my tears the best.
The quest for unfailing love deserves no less!
There is so much to convey through our unshattered
Every little atom to be fulfilled in its being.Only you
and me know-
Its just this moment and nothing moreNothing else we can
be about sure.
Only you and me believe and see-
If there becomes a Reason for everything,
The possibility of Life will cease to be.