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Zee-Talent-Web-Mailer-Revised-...June-1-2016-379x1024Isheta has an amazingly broad life experience for her age as she has been a singing on stage since she was barely 6 years old. Her family is based in Ahmedabad and is totally rooted in music she took lessons from her father Deepak Sarkar. Having studied Indian Classical Music she has done numerous stage shows of repute in Gujarat, singing semi classsical to old Bollywood songs increasing acclaim by having full sold ticket shows at the age of 13. At 9, she was one of the lead performers for massive event launches like SOI and YMCA (also, Navratri festival in Ahmedabad),which had crowds exceeding 15,000 people and more. She did various tours abroad too.

For years, she has been a favourite for many Event Managers given her combination of power packed dance performance with singing involving the crowds. Also, she could sing from a semi-classical to Bollywood to Western music too! She has shared the stage with many known names in the Indian film industry including the likes of Udit Narayan, Mika Singh (US tour 2012), Bappi Lahiri, Javed Ali, Sonu Kakkar, Neeti Mohan and many others. She focused on anchoring and ramps as she won a lot of National Pageants for some time and finally this year decided to come up for a single to explore the field of music a little more than events. She has been musically associated with IshQ Bector and ShreeD for years now as she composes and writes songs too.

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